Owner & Coach

Health and fitness are really important aspects of my life. I thrive on the knowledge that I have the ability to make myself feel better by training and looking after myself. This is one of the main reasons why I have opened CrossFit Billingham. I want to be able to share my passion and drive with likeminded people. Giving them the support and encouragement, I was given when I first started CrossFit. I have always been interested in sport and fitness. From the age of 6 I started taking part in karate where I ended up with my black belt and eventually instructing others. My Family are also a big driving force for keeping fit and healthy as well as opening CrossFit Billingham. I want them to be involved, I want them to feel part of the community I aspire to build in my local area.

Since taking part in my first WOD (Workout of the Day) I’ve have been hooked. Previously I had been roaming from gym to gym, not committing to anyone as I felt they lacked something. This something is what I found at CrossFit, constantly varied functional movements, at a high intensity. All situated within a competitive but supportive community. I have trained at many different CrossFit Affiliates within the UK and further afield to European countries. No matter where I have been, I have always been made to feel welcome and the CrossFit values and core fundamentals have shone through. This is what I want to achieve, I want to provide the space for people to experience what true CrossFit is. Encouraging them to be the best version of themselves in a supportive environment.

CrossFit has been a constant to me throughout my travels. I have taken part in a number of local box competitions at, CrossFit Teesside, CrossFit Hartlepool, CrossFit Darlington. As well as travelling further afield to CrossFit Plymouth and CrossFit Cheltenham. I have also taken part in larger competitions such as, Rainhill Trails, Manchester. Glaser Games, Gateshead. Castle Games, Gateshead. In 2018 I travelled to Madrid to watch the CrossFit regionals with a group of friends I train with.

I want to continue the CrossFit community in my local area. Providing a safe, supportive environment for people to release their tensions. Whilst also building their confidence and forging friendships within a non- judgemental community. To develop a community that empowers and encourages each other to be the best version of themselves, in a friendly and supportive environment.